Overnight Care


     A live-in arrangement can be an economical solution for certain clients who do not require moment-to-moment attention, but who also cannot safely be left alone. A typical candidate might be an elderly individual with some physical and/or cognitive impairment, who nevertheless can walk and transfer without help and is somewhat independent with respect to personal care. 
ELITE Home Care of San Diego  live-in aide provides intermittent assistance throughout the day with periodic breaks. The aide prepares meals, makes sure medications are taken on time, assists as needed with dressing and bathing, offers general companionship/safety supervision and performs laundry and light household tasks. With written authorization, the aide can also perform errands and transportation using the client’s vehicle.
In live-in arrangements the client makes suitable accommodations for the aide, including a private bedroom and appropriate space to store clothing and personal effects. The aide consumes his or her meals from groceries paid for by the client. The client must be safely able to sleep through the night without requiring attention from the aide, except for emergencies. Elite Home Care provides personal services with activities of daily living in most assisted living facilities in San Diego.