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10 Things Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Parkinson's Disease

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgEvery year in the United States, about 60,000 people learn they have Parkinson's disease, according to the American Parkinson Disease Association. The degenerative disorder strikes the central nervous system, impairing movement and balance, among other issues. Read More

7 Signs Your Aging Parent May Need Home Care

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgA lot of seniors prefer to age at home, but as they get older, it might be difficult without an extra hand. Look for these signs that show your parent might need home care. Read More

5 Food Rules for a Long, Healthy Life

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgHappy National Nutrition Month! Discover some food rules that can help increase your health and possibly even the longevity of your life span Read More

Visiting the Elderly

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgAre you planning to visit an older loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility? Here are some ideas on how to make the most out of your visit Read More

6 Ways to Connect With the Diabetes Community

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgYou can help others and help yourself by becoming more active in the type 2 diabetes community. Here’s how to get started. Read More

Home-delivered meals reduce feelings of loneliness among seniors

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgHome-delivering meals to seniors may do more than ensure their nutritional health - it may also help their emotional health after a trial shows it reduces feelings of loneliness. Read More

Alzheimer's: newly identified molecular mechanism could lead to treatment

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgSynapse loss is a hallmark of the early stages of Alzheimer's. Now, researchers have found how these brain cell connections are destroyed in the disease. Read More

Study pinpoints the vitamin D levels that may harm heart health

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgResearchers find people with vitamin D levels below 15 ng/mL are at greater risk for cardiovascular events such as heart disease and stroke than those with higher levels. Read More

A third of very elderly Americans 'on statins without evidence'

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgStatins are increasingly being used in people over 79 years of age who have not yet shown any signs of vascular disease - contrary to the available evidence, say researchers. Read More

Grieve Alone, Your Way

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgHow come grief therapists got it so wrong with older adults? There are no stages. Read More

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