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Changing how we see aging

by Mario Garrett, Ph.D.

Ontological Questions

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgWhy is Dasein--being in the present-- so important for Heidegger? Being a contrary, why not live in "they-selves" if the "our-selves" is so painful? If I was designing a new way of existing, would I elect to be aware of "being" and why? Read More

Geography of Aging and the Illusion of Self

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgThere is no "me". My body is a fusion of the outside world and an internal reality. The distinction between me and them is purely a creation of my mind. The separation comes as an afterthought. My mind creates this dualism, but in reality my body is fused with the geography and behavior of others around. The sense of self is how the body placates me. Read More

Ménage à Trois: Sex, Dementia and the Law

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgThe law will need to re-evaluate the legal standing of someone with dementia. The crude methods of conservatorship and declaration of incompetence cannot deal with the fragile nature of relationships, and sexual relationship, among patients diagnosed with dementia. Read More

Genetics of Longevity

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgThere is a schism between lifespan and theoretical lifespan…human behavior. Read More

Life Expectancy

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgCheck a dictionary and the entry for Life Expectancy is WRONG...no wonder so many people misunderstand the concept. Read More

Down Syndrome and Aging

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgAs people with intellectual and developmental disabilities age, they experience ill-health earlier and faster. They are also predisposed to get early onset dementia. Since most of their caregivers are aging parents, we are witnessing the disconnect between policy and needs of older adults. Read More

Antibiotic Use Has More Unwanted Effects Then Previously Thought

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgWe have known for some time that one of the unwanted side effects of taking antibiotics is their disruption of friendly microbes in the gut. But now a new study that takes a closer look suggests the consequences of long-term antibiotic use could be even far-more reaching than we thought. Read More

Is Gut Bacteria Designed to Kill Older Adults?

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgThere are 10 times more bacterial cells in your body than human cells. Although smaller than human cells, and weigh only 1-3% of our body weight, the 500-1,000 species of bacteria seem to have evolved with humans. We have an ostensibly symbiotic relationship with bacteria. But is this relationship the same when we get older, or is bacteria trying to kill us? Read More

How You Accept Other's stereotypes

http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgThe word senile has become associated with dementia, although its earlier meaning was "pertaining to old age." In the late 1900 neuroscientists were still referring to the term as old age hence "senile dementia." the it changed and senile become a derogatory term. Such stereotypes pervade our social life and we need to start eroding this negativity. Read More

Social Security: Supreme Court Denies Fifth Amendment

http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgThe US Constitution protects citizens from seizure of property. Our Social Security contributions are an investment for our retirement. Such investments, as property, are the sole provider for most vulnerable, frail minority older adults. Protected under the Fifth Amendment such property cannot be denied. Or can it? Read More

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