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Changing how we see aging

by Mario Garrett, Ph.D.

No Pissing Joke

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgWhy does urinating become more problematic the older you get? Read More

Is Dementia Caused By Aluminum Through Fluoridation?

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgIn some states where fluoridation is mandated like Kentucky, 41 percent of older adults have lost their teeth. What is the public health reasoning for making these people drink fluoridated water? Or don't they matter in the public health debate? Read More

Collecting Problems

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgWhy do older adults hoard? Read More

Fluoridation and Dementia

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgIf the beta-amyloid deposits are truly the cause of dementia then why do we allow fluoride in our water that causes them? Read More

Sleep Is the Best Medicine for Older Adults

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgWhy older adults have difficulty sleeping and why this could accelerate negative outcomes. Read More

Kafkaesque Government Guidelines on Dementia 


If the government guidelines on dementia are designed to stimulate research why did they leave out psychology? Why are the guidelines geared up exclusively for organic diseases? Is the pharmaceutical industry running the science of dementia? So many questions, and so many answers, except these answers remain unheard because they come from psychologists. Read More

Traveling With Dementia

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgThere is increasing friction caused by passengers with dementia (even early stage) when they have to maneuver the labyrinth of air travel. Read More

Our Subconscious Internal Reality


Our complex brain develops a very detailed reality simulation. We live in this simulated world more than we are conscious of. The simulation becomes more detailed the longer that we have had time to develop it so that in older age our reality simulation is at its most effective. Until we face a trauma. Then the simulation is shown for what it is, an illusion. Read More

Dating at Older Age

 http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/150678-153702.jpgAlthough ostensibly looking for different qualities on online dating sites, men and women share one common need--not to become caregivers (again). Read More

Death By Numbers

http://images.sussexpublishers.netdna-cdn.com/teaser/blogs/123437/2014/05/151416-154664.jpgHow many years will you gain at 87 if you eliminated all the main killers such as Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke, Influenza and Pneumonia, and chronic obstructive lung disease? Is 5.7 years enough? So why are we so fixated on a cure and not in finding better CARE. Read More

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