Hygiene and Health


    One of the first things family caregivers notice among their aging loved ones is a decline in personal care. Often when older adults become more limited in their ability to perform the activities of daily living, nutrition, grooming and hygiene are neglected. It's at this stage that an elderly person is in need of some outside assistance. Our Caregivers assist with many tasks from reminding patients to take vitamins to assisting with bathing activities.
    The fundamental purpose of bathing is to maintain health and physical well being of the body. While most young, able-bodied people do not think twice about taking bath, bathing is more difficult, more time consuming and more hazardous for older people with disabilities. The magnitude of problems older people experience while bathing and the seriousness of the situation raise many important questions. Why do they continue to bathe? How difficult is it for older people to bathe? How safe is bathing for older persons with disabilities? Why do older people bathe in unsafe conditions?
Let ELITE Home Care of San Diego private caregiver assists your aging mom or dad while reducing your risk of burnout. Contact us to learn more about how our hygiene services can help your loved one.